Functional and Postural Training Therapy

Functional and Postural Training Therapy with the Physiotherapist

Get in shape!

Functional and Postural Training Therapy is an expertise that takes the whole body into consideration. It aims to release the fascias, to relax the muscle chains and to reduce the compression on the joints, all allowing the body to adopt a more adequate posture.

Tight muscles, glued fascias and inadequate posture often make it impossible to use the body’s strength and range of motion optimally. 


The sessions are helping you to regain flexibility, lightness and you will get a better ability to move. This allows you to strengthen your body, get a good body feeling and an optimal inner balance

Training program

The training program is based on a thorough analysis of your physical condition and is tailored to your personal needs. This allows you to complete a varied and effective workout, even with physical limitations. Physiotherapeutic support ensures the correct exercises of movements and training workouts, to guide you safely and motivated towards your goals

Who is this message for?

The training is meant for everybody from 6 years to the eldest.

Functional and postural training is also possible on physiotherapy prescription. 

Consultation in our clinic at the Teomera Medical Centre. If you have questions or want to make an appointment, please contact our secretariat or directly the Physiotherapist Felicia Mekking.

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