Trauma Physiotherapy

Trauma Physiotherapy

Intensive physiotherapy after an injury

Intensive physiotherapy after an injury improves the healing process of trauma patients. The therapy is meant for patients with an injury treated by the doctor with an operation (post-operative) or conservative (no operation).

To best stimulate the healing process, it’s really important that you start with the physiotherapy as soon as possible. Even if you are apprehensive towards the pain level, get in touch with us to be informed about the possibilities in your specific case.

We will develop an individualized rehabilitation plan for you, eventually in cooperation with the doctor. Also, we will provide you with information and advice during your healing process for better understanding and more comfort.

Different kinds of therapy can be used like lymphatic drainage, manual therapy or fascia therapy. The aim of the treatment is to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and oedemas and regain mobility. With special exercises, we will support you to recover fitness which includes reinforcement of the muscles, stretching exercises and a dedicated program to continue at home.

We treat the following conditions :

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