Neck complaints


The neck is formed of the first seven vertebrae which connect the skull and the upper back (thoracic spine). The well-engineered anatomy of the neck consists of bones, nerves, muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons gives the neck its power, stability and flexibility.

Neck pain or stiffness can be very annoying and can disturb one’s daily activities. Also, headaches can be the result of tensed up muscles and sticky fascia. Even during the night, it can be painful while it’s hard to find a good position.

Symptoms of neck injuries

Often, the pain or stiffness is not only in the neck region, but it can also affect the shoulders and/or arms. An overview of the symptoms :

Causes of neck injuries

Neck pain can have different causes. Overload, a wrong movement/position, general lack of movements or a medical cause are logical reasons. An overview of possible causes :

Consultation et traitement

During the first session, we will start with an intake consultation and body examination to find out where your pain comes from and how to treat it.

The individualized treatment based on the assessment can be either Manual Therapy, Therapeutical Massage or Fasciatherapy, often in combination with a tailored exercise programme for stability, strength, mobility and posture control. Thereby we will advise you on how to manage and prevent pain and further problems.

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