Pelvic/Bottom complaints

Pelvic / bottom

The bony pelvis is formed of the two hip bones (Ossa coxae). Together with the Os sacrum, it forms the pelvic girdle. The articulation in the pelvic girdle is called sacroiliac joint, which is the connection between the bony pelvis and the spine. The movement of the sacroiliac joint is quite small but it plays an important role, for example during walking. The pelvic girdle is really strong and stable. Therefore, it’s important for an upright posture and safe stand.

Physiotherapy for patients with pelvic complaints is focussed on problems in the whole area of the lower back, pelvis, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Problems in the pelvic area can exist with either women, men or children. Pain that occurs might be steady but it can also come and go. It can be characterized by a sharp and stabbing pain which can disturb your daily activities. 

Symptoms of pelvic/bottom injuries

Pain is the main symptom of pelvic complaints. An overview of symptoms that may occur :

Causes of pelvic/bottom injuries

There could be many possible causes for pelvic complaints. An overview of some of the common causes and the conditions we treat is given below :

Consultation and treatment

During the first consultation, we will analyse your symptoms. The treatment tailored to the specific problem normally consists of :
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