Hip Complaints


The hip is a ball and socket synovial joint. It allows the joint to move in six different directions. Therefore, it’s really important that the interaction of the articulation, muscle, tendons, ligaments and bursas is well balanced.

 In case of a disturbed interaction, hip complaints but also irradiation pain towards the knee and groin can develop. There are diverse reasons for hip problems : One-sided movements, general lack of movement, overload at work and overweight are logical reasons.

Hip complaints, often pain, commonly result in reduced capability to do one’s daily activities.

Symptoms of hip injuries

The symptoms of hip complaints are depending completely on their cause. An overview of the symptoms that may occur :

Causes of hip injuries

Consultation and treatment

To find the origin of your hip problem, we will start with an intake conversation and body examination. After that, we will inform you about your problem, give you advice and explain the treatment plan to you.

The kind of treatment we choose (manual physiotherapy, therapeutic massage or fascia therapy) depends completely on the kind of complaints. The focus with our treatment is to, first of all, reduce/remove the pain, increase the mobility/smoothness of the movements.

Therapeutic exercises will strengthen the weak muscles around the hip for a better stability, increase the proprioception and inner balance of the hip.
If indicated, we will improve your walking style with various exercises and support you with home exercises.

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