Elbow complaints


The elbow joint is a hinge joint. It is composed of three different articulations which are formed by the upper arm (humerus) and the two forearm bones (ulnar and radius). The three parts of the joint are surrounded by the joint capsule and form like this a functional unity.

The elbow allows four different movements, flexion and extension, as well as internal and external rotation of the forearm and wrist. In the functional movements the elbow lets you throw, lift and for example swing.

Elbow pain can be caused by several disorders which may involve arm muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones in the arms. If something is happening to one of these parts, it can cause pain and reduce the mobility in daily movements.

Symptoms of elbow injuries

Overusage or repeated pressure on the tendons and muscles can overload the soft tissues. This can cause pain around the elbow and particularly while you use the hand and/or wrist. An overview of the symptoms that may occur :

Causes of elbow injuries

The cause of elbow pain often comes from strained or inflamed soft tissues like tendons, muscles and bursa. Circumstances that may contribute to an injury could be instability of the joint, repetitive movements of the hands or arms or heavy loads, lack of strength in the forearm, elbow and/ or shoulder muscles or for example a poor technique during sport activities. An overview of conditions we treat:

Consultation and treatment

To find the cause of your elbow problem, we will start with an intake conversation and body examination.

Our physiotherapy will help you to remove or reduce the pain, to regain the flexibility in your elbow, and to build up strength and joint feeling (proprioception).

Besides the therapy, which can be either Manual Therapy, Fasciatherapy or/and Therapeutic Massage, we will give you tailored exercises for a faster and complete recovery and thereby prevent the condition from returning. 

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