Ankle/foot complaints

Ankle / foot

The ankle joint (talocrural articulation) is a synovial hinge joint which connects the two bone ends of the lower limb (tibia and fibula) with the talus. Together they form the upper ankle joint, the lower ankle joint being formed of the talus and calcaneus.

 In the foot we find 26 bones and all sorts of soft tissue like ligaments, muscles and tendons, which are working together. The ankle joint and the foot are forming a functional unity which allows for example to walk, run, jump and climb.

Too high impact, acute trauma or sports injury, longtime overload or overweight are logical reasons for foot/ankle complaints.

Symptoms of ankle/foot injuries

The symptoms of foot complaints are depending completely on the cause. An overview of the symptoms that may occur :

Causes of ankle/foot injuries

Consultation and treatment

In the first session of physiotherapy, we will start with an intake conversation and examination of the foot/ankle and, if necessary, other joints. Then we will inform you about your problem, give you advice and explain the treatment plan to you.

It can consist of manual physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, fascia therapy or lymphatic drainage. With mobilisation and stretching exercises, we want you to get back the range of motion and flexibility of the foot/ankle. We will also support you with therapeutic exercises for a better stability, strength, proprioception and inner balance of the foot/ankle.

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