Complaints treated by us

At Physio Santé Fit we support, advise and motivate you in your healing process for optimal recovery. We are specialized in the treatment of various complaints. In this chapter you learn more about those treated by us.



Each shoulder problem has its own symptoms which lead us to the specific diagnosis. The most important symptoms of a shoulder complaint is pain. Shoulder pain can last a long time and come back regularly.



Elbow pain can be caused by several disorders which may involve arm muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones in the arms. If something is happening to one of these parts, it can cause pain.


One-sided movements, general lack of movement, overload at work and overweight are logical reasons. Hip complaints, often pain, commonly result in reduced capability to do one’s daily activities.



Acute knee pain can start for example with a wrong movement, falling on the knee or twisting the knee during sport. But knee problems can be found also without a trauma or accident. Sometimes they can be solved with rest, ice application and easy movements.



Back pain is a common complaint. About 80 % of adults get back pain once or more frequently. It affects primarily the lower back but it can also hit the upper back. In most cases, the pain can be removed in a few days or weeks.



Neck pain or stiffness can be very annoying and can disturb one’s daily activities. Also, headaches can be the result of tensed up muscles and sticky fascia. Even during the night, it can be painful while it’s hard to find a good position.


Thorax / Chest

Chest pain or tension around the chest can disturb one’s daily activities and the breathing. Sometimes the pain’s cause comes from another area of your body which irradiates to the thorax.


Pelvic / Bottom

Physiotherapy for patients with pelvic complaints is focussed on problems in the whole area of the lower back, pelvis, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. It can be characterized by a sharp and stabbing pain.

Forearm, wrist and hand

Complaints of the wrist and hand can be the result of an accident/injury like a fall on the hand as well as a disease entailed for example from longtime overload or wrong movements.

Ankle / foot

The ankle joint and the foot are forming a functional unity which allows for example to walk, run, jump and climb. Too high impact, acute trauma or sports injury, longtime overload or overweight are logical reasons for foot/ankle complaints.

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