Forearm, wrist and hand

Forearm, wrist and hand complaints

Forearm, wrist and hand

The wrist is a complex joint which connects the forearm (radius and ulna) with the hand. The hand is formed of 8 carpal bones and the 5 metacarpal bones and the 5 fingers (phalanges).

The wrist must be extremely mobile to give our hand a full range of motion. At the same time, the wrist must provide the strength for heavy gripping and for the stabilization of the hand. But also a lot of motor activity of the hand and fingers are controlled by the wrist.

Complaints of the wrist and hand can be the result of an accident/injury like a fall on the hand as well as a disease entailed for example from longtime overload or wrong movements.

Symptoms of forearm, wrist and hand injuries

The symptoms of forearm, wrist and hand complaints are depending completely on the cause. An overview of the symptoms that may occur :

Causes of forearm, wrist and hand injuries

Consultation and treatment

The first session of physiotherapy will start with an intake conversation and examination of forearm, wrist and hand/fingers and, if necessary, other joints.

Then we will inform you about your problem, give you advice and explain the treatment plan to you.  It can consist of manual physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, fascia therapy or lymphatic drainage. With mobilisation and stretching exercises, we want you to get back the range of motion and flexibility of wrist/hand.

We will also support you with therapeutic exercises for a better strength, motor activity and proprioception of the wrist, hand and fingers.

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