Shoulder complaints


The shoulder is a ball and socket synovial joint between the shoulder blade and the head of the humerus (the bone from shoulder to elbow). The shoulder joint can move in six different directions, and is the most movable ball socket joint of the body. Therefore, a good interaction and stabilization of the joint and surrounding soft tissue is necessary.

One really important muscle group for stability and smooth movements is the rotator cuff. It consists of four different muscles that connect via their tendons to the head of the humerus.

But also, different bursas play an important role for the functioning of the shoulder. If the tendons, muscles and bursas or other surrounding soft tissue are damaged, it’s difficult and/or painful to move your shoulder.

Each shoulder problem has its own symptoms which lead us to the specific diagnosis. 

Symptoms of shoulder injuries

The most important symptoms of a shoulder complaint is pain. Shoulder pain can last a long time and come back regularly. An overview of some symptoms :

Causes of shoulder injuries

The most common cause of shoulder pain is overload of the shoulder. This can happen acutely during sport or after a lot of repetitive movements or, for example, through heavy lifting. The overload of the soft tissue like muscles and tendons can end up in an inflammation which causes pain. An overview of some possible causes of shoulder pain.

Consultation and treatment

During the first consultation, we start with an intake conversation and body examination to analyse your symptoms. The treatment tailored to the specific problem normally consists of one or more of the following :

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