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Our physio clinic, member of the Swiss Physiotherapy Association, has been established in August 2018. The real aim of physiotherapy for us is to let you feel good, have a good body connection and to be able to move without limits.
It’s all in the name: Welcome to Physio Santé Fit.

Striving to realize our objective to have you feel fit, we :

Why Physio Santé Fit ?

The clinic keeps abreast of the latest developments in physiotherapy ; we invest in quality.

We will team up with other specialisms like an orthopaedist, a rheumatologist, a cardiologist or general practitioners.In this way, we can optimise our treatment plan for the patient.

With 4 different languages (French, English, German and Dutch), parking places near to our Cabinet and flexible opening hours, we are happy to welcome you.

Our team

We would like to introduce our team, ambitious to give you the best care:

foto felicia

Felicia Mekking


Thomas Trillou

Personal Coach

Gaétane Grange

foto Ronald

Ronald Mekking


Bettina Sipos


Felicia Mekking

I would like to give you a short introduction of myself. My name is Felicia Mekking, born in 1988, and I have been working as a physiotherapist since 2013.

After practical experiences in Holland, Germany and South Africa, I arrived in Switzerland in 2015. After a three years’ great experience in Nyon, I chose to start my own physiotherapy clinic.

With my open personality, my energy and motivation, I will be able to help you optimally with your complaint and questions. I warmly welcome you to our physio clinic: Physio Santé Fit.

Gaétane Grange

Graduated (Master) from the Haute Ecole Vinci (Brussels) with distinction, I was able to carry out experiences in different places (hospitals, practice, rehabilitation center) and different countries (Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland). I am passionate about the field of health and I am athletic, so the job of physiotherapist allows me to combine the two. I am attentive and motivated to find the best solutions to your problems. Establishing a climate of trust is important for me in order to create a partnership between patient and therapist for treatment.


Bettina Sipos

My professional journey began in Hungary after graduating in 2008.

I then had the opportunity to work in different areas of physiotherapy in France and Switzerland.

I’m specialized in the pelvic-perineal rehabilitation of women, in the care of women around pregnancy, breast cancer, as well as lymphatic drainage.

My rich and varied experience allows me to respond to different pathologies in general physiotherapy as well as in care oriented around women’s health.

I like to take a manual, holistic approach to treating the problem and then apply muscle strengthening through various exercises such as one of my favorite methods, Pilates to prevent relapses.

It is important for me to be enthusiastic in my work, to listen to patients and to develop a relationship of trust to obtain the best results.

Thomas Trillou

My name is Thomas, I was born in 1976 and I have been working since 2017 as a Sports Coach and Personal Trainer.

After 10 years of experience in the Army where sporting activity was at the heart of my job, I naturally converted to sports careers.

I am a GFI (Group Fitness Instructor), FT (Fitness Trainer) and PT (Personal Trainer) certified QUALITOP graduate from the Fitspro Training Center in Versoix.

Passionate about my job, I am able to offer you personalized individual, duo or small group courses to help you achieve your goals: weight loss, getting back into shape, preparation for a sporting event. It will be my pleasure to welcome you and guide you towards your personal goal.


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