Fasciatherapy provides efficient solutions

It is a relatively new treatment method, and it breaks new ground in the physiotherapeutic field. The fascia do have an important function in our body and its communication.

It connects the different layers of our body like a spider web. This connection gives the body a functional structure which enables its system to operate in an integrated manner. The fascia system surrounds and interweaves between all our organs, muscles and nerves and has a strong connection with the joints and bones.

Fasciatherapy can be used with the following complaints:

To treat the above described complaints, we will use a fascial release technique which the therapist will do manual to release the sticky fascia structure which causes the problems. Also there are fascia rollers and fascia exercises to treat the fascia differently and functionally

If necessary, we will remove existing disorders in the body before starting with the fascia exercises. The level of treatment and exercise is continuously adjusted to your personal needs and possibilities.

The objectives of the treatment are to:

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