Physiotherapy for adults

Physiotherapy for adults

Physiotherapy can be described as the practice to re-establish, improve and maintain the movements and functions of the body and having a good inner balance. 

This results in having more confidence in your body and in getting back as soon as possible to daily movements and activities.


The benefits of physiotherapy are improving strength and flexibility in your muscles, it decreases pain, improves the proprioception and coordination and prevents future injuries.

During the physiotherapy session, it is really important for us that you learn something about yourself, your problems/difficulties and where they come from. With better comprehension of your body, you can recover better and avoid further problems and injuries. Everyone can benefit from physiotherapy, whether you have an injury, illness, disability or you want to recover from a work injury or work overuse.

Consultation and treatment

At Physio Santé Fit, we individualize the way of therapy to your specific needs and goals. During an intake conversation, we analyse your particular complaints and choose the best, adequate therapy.

This results in a treatment plan, agreed between the therapist and the patient, which encompasses the kind of therapy, the objective tailored to the individual patient, and the expected scope of treatments. During the whole period of treatment, we will support, advise and motivate you in your healing process for optimal recovery. The various kinds of therapy we offer are further outlined in this chapter.

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