Individual or group trainings

Individual or group trainings

To support your body and posture in an active way we started two sports programs designed to get you fit again as well as maintaining your fitness level. They should help you to find a better inner body balance/connectivity and to support your energy level and body resistance.

The purpose of the training is to move your body entirely so that the elasticity, agility and simplicity of your body improves or is maintained. As a result of this, the risks to suffer injuries and/or irritations will be decreased.

Functional and Postural Training Therapy with the Physiotherapist

Functional and Postural Training Therapy is an expertise that takes the whole body into consideration. It aims to release the fascias, to relax the muscle chains and to reduce the compression on the joints, all allowing the body to adopt a more adequate posture.

Fascia fitness

Fascia fitness is a holistic and smart training program with a lot of fun ! It’s a new training concept with a high scope and range of movements. The sequence of movements is in a flow which has a positive effect on your agility.

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