Rheumatology Physiotherapy

Rheumatology Physiotherapy

What is rheumatology physiotherapy?

Rheuma is the collective name of multiple disorders of joints, muscles and tendons which are not caused by an accident. Patients are living daily with a certain extent of pain and stiffness in the affected joints or areas in the body. 

Movement and flexibility of the affected muscle, tendon or joint is limited. The pain is caused by inflammation and is variably experienced.  

Our main objective in rheumatology physiotherapy is to increase the patient’s knowledge of the condition. Also, it’s important for us to provide you with self-management advice and exercises to reduce the limitations in daily activities, this through relieving pain as much as possible, preventing disability and increasing functionality. 

Our attention during the treatment is focused on the mobility of joints, increasing the condition and power of muscles and on finding the perfect balance between your daily activities and your capacity.

We treat the following conditions :

The treatment will begin with a functional assessment. The transfer status (rheumatologist’s diagnosis/report) and the activities of daily living and their difficulties are the topics in this assessment. 

It will be followed up by a range of movement tests of all affected joints, a muscle strength test and other functional movement tests. 

The kind of therapy (manual therapy, therapeutic massage or fasciatherapy), in combination with a program of functional exercises, will be individualized to your specific case.

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