Sports coach Thomas Trillou

Sports coach Thomas Trillou

Achieve Your Goals with a Certified Sports Coach

As a Qualified Sports Coach, my goal is to support you in your sporting approach. Passionate about my job, I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals. I will establish a tailor-made program based on your profile and your expectations. My role is to ensure that the sessions run smoothly in complete safety and kindness.

Test session:

1 Questionnaire
First, we will complete a questionnaire to find out your eating and exercise habits, your medical history as well as your goals and availability.

2 Tests
Secondly, you will carry out tests to assess your level of flexibility, balance, recovery from effort and strength.

3 Debriefing
Finally, we will debrief on the first feelings and we will discuss the formula that would be best suited to your needs.

Specialised in :

For who :

What I offer:

The rates

Trial session (60min)FREE
1-5 sessions (60min)CHF 100 per session
6-10 sessions (60min)CHF 90 per session
10-20 (and more) sessionsCHF 80 per session